The Royal Pavilion - Ru & Jo

Ru & Jo Royal Pavillion wedding.
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It was now dark and chilly and smelt of crisp winter evenings and the buzz of Christmas was still oozing from shops and bars and restaurants.  As we drew up outside the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, I realised why this stunning building had earned its' reputation as the most exotically beautiful building in Britain …. It is truly magnificent and comes alive at night with its austere domed roofs, striking minarets and pinnacles comanding Brighton sea front …. This venue is every photographer’s dream and it did not disappoint.

I was somewhat apprehensive as to what the Red Drawing Room, where Ru & Jo were to be married, was actually going to look like.  I had been told that the décor was quite spectacular with its rich and luxurious deep scarlet walls; ornately calved Corinthian style pillars of majestic palm trees reaching up from the floor and scattering across the ceilings and opulent, exquisite furniture.   When I entered the Red Drawing Room to meet Ru, the groom, it was truly breath-taking and undoubtedly one of the most romantic and striking rooms I had ever had the pleasure to photograph. The room was bathed in soft candle light from exquisite lamps scattered around the room and the guests were elegantly seated in a formal row up close and personal to where the main ceremony would take place. Ru cut a fine figure in his black dinner suit as he waited eagerly to catch the first glimpse of his beautiful bride.   

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 Jo had now arrived at a private entrance, leading directly from the Regency Gardens.  She looked like a movie star wrapped in an exquisite fur coat which shielded her from the December wind, as she made her way up the short pathway and into the Palace.  Here her father and the bridesmaids greeted her, and the final preparations were made for the impending ceremony.

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 After what was one of the most genuine and heart felt ceremonies I have listened to Ru & Jo lead their guests into what I can only describe as the most impressive State rooms I have ever seen.  9 spectacular chandeliers embellish the ceiling, rich blue silk curtains overwhelm the windows and floor to ceiling canvasses command the walls.  It was spectacular and one of the best back drops imaginable for a wedding.

Ru & Jo Royal Pavillion wedding.

I then took my favourite photo of the day. The guests had left the Royal Pavilion and were making their way to the reception at the Grand Hotel Brighton.  Jo & Ru stood quietly steeling a special moment together embraced in each other’s arms, under the stars, stood beneath the Palace’s magnificent portico.   

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Christmas is a truly magical time to have a wedding.  Not only are most venues adorned with spectacular decorations, but everyone is in such high spirits as they enjoy the festive period.  There are few places that can rival the spectacular Grand Hotel in Brighton for showing us how to celebrate Christmas in style and I had the added bonus of photographing Ru & Jo and their truly beautiful wedding here.

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